METAL CHARCOAL SAD IRON – Folk Art – Primitive


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For sale is an interesting FOLK ART METAL CHARCOAL SAD IRON from an unknown maker. You may disagree but this item appears to be a folk art piece crafted for display rather than function. The top metal cover is brass with a wood handle on the top. This realistic and well made art work is inspired by the charcoal fueled SAD irons used in the early 1900s. This iron is about the same size as a real charcoal SAD iron and measures about 7 1/4 inches long, 3 1/2 inches wide and 6 3/4 inches tall. A nice collectible to complement your vintage kitchen d├ęcor.

Charcoal style SAD irons were intended to replace the solid SAD iron. The solid SAD iron was heated by placing the iron on the stove or other heat source. You ironed with a pair of SAD irons by rotating between the iron in use and the iron being heated. The innovation of the charcoal iron was that it was self-heating because of the heat source of burning coal inside the oven. Now all you had to work out was how to keep the coal ash off of your clean clothes. The charcoal style oven had a short life span because by 1910, the clean and efficient electric iron replaced not only the charcoal iron but also the “cutting edge” gas fired irons that were on the market at the time.

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