Early 1900s Framed KC Baking Soda Paper Doll – Advertising – Jaques Mfg Co


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For sale is a mint condition early 1900s Baking Soda Paper Doll. A stunning exceptionally rare vintage promotional item for a baking soda product made by the Jaques Manufacturing Company, Kansas City, Missouri. The doll features a lovely young girl holding a 25 ounce can of baking soda. The company’s was known for selling its baking soda for the low price of 1 cent per ounce. The back of the doll displays a graphic of the medals awarded to the product at the 1898 Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition.

A curious feature of this advertisement is that the can of baking soda held by the girl may contain a misprint. The top of the can has a prominent “1 C” displayed. Presumably, this was to emphasize the low price of one cent per ounce. However, the company’s actual baking soda can actually displays the letters “K C”, the brand name, at this same location on their product. It may be the case that the lithograph company who made this advert misprinted “K C” for “1 C”. It’s strange that a company would pay for an advert that does not contain the product’s name anywhere on the advertisement. Please let me know if you have any information concerning this interesting collectible.

The baking soda ad is framed in an 8 inch by 8 inch double pane float frame so both sides of the advert are easily visible and protected. The frame has a removable stand so it that can be displayed on top of a flat surface. The frame can also be hung on a wall if that is your preference.

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