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For sale is a vintage METAL HOBO KIDNEY & BLADDER REMEDY POISON ELIMINATOR ADVERTISING SIGN. The corner of the sign is marked with a 1974 Copyright date. This sign is in very good condition with light scratches and other minor surface wear. This vintage sign was inspired by a patent medicine advert for HOBO Kidney & Bladder Remedy from the HOBO Medicine Company which used the slogan “Clear up your Complexion with HOBO, Eliminate The Poisons From The System”. Sign measures about 19 1/4 inches by 7 1/4 inches. A nice advertising sign for your man cave.

In the late 19th Century, G.D. Horton created Hobo Medicine, a kidney and bladder remedy. Horton, suffered from Bright’s disease, reportedly got the recipe for the medicine from a railroad tramp who was passing through. In 1913, he established the Hobo Medicine Company in Singer, Louisiana. In 1914, he also opened up a bottling plant in Shreveport, and in 1923 another bottling plant in Beaumont, Texas.

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