Antique GALVANIZED WASHBOARD – No. 25 – Carolina Washboard Co


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For sale is an original Antique Two-in-One WASHBOARD, No. 25 from the Carolina Washboard Company, Raleigh.  This washboard is believed to date to the 1940s and is in excellent condition with minor wear.  One panel reads: “STANDARD FAMILY SIZE – MADE OF HARDWOOD – MANUFACTURED BY CAROLINA WASHBOARD CO. – RALEIGH, N.C.”  The other panel reads: “No. 25 – TWO IN ONE – REG U.S. PAT OFF – GALVANIZED”. This board has crisp graphics.  Measures 23″ by 12 1/2″. A great antique that will look great with any vintage decor.
The first patent for a metal washboard was submitted on February 9, 1833 by S. Rust of New York. This new patented idea for a washboard was made with a piece of fluted tin, sheet iron, copper or zinc. Throughout the years, washboards were not only popular as an everyday necessity of household items, but also became popular with many musicians. Washboards became known as the “poor man’s” instrument due to the musicians’ lack of finances to purchase real musical instruments. Jug bands used washboard as instruments beginning in the 1920s. Glass washboards were popular during World War II due to a shortage of metal. The body was made of wood, but the scrubbing area was glass. Once the war ended metal became more readily available and companies began making metal washboards once again. There were several major washboard companies besides the Columbus Washboard Company, which included The National Washboard Company, The Cleveland Washboard Company and The Superior Washboard Company. Out of all the companies, Columbus Washboard Company is the only one still in operation today
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Dimensions 25 × 15 × 3 in