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For sale is a mid-century ENAMEL NAXONETTE WASHING TUB made by the Naxon Utilities Corporation, Chicago, Illinois. This gray enamel washing tub is in excellent condition and has a maker’s label on one side. The tub stands 9 inches tall and 13 inches diameter. The item is believed to date to the 1950s. It’s the perfect size for a deck ice bucket to keep cool your beverages.
This tub would have been part of a Naxonette Automatic Dial-A-Wash Personal Washing Machine with a motorized top seated on top of the tub.  They were sold as “camp” washers (for use at cabins, camp grounds, motor homes, etc..) and even as a solution to apartment living especially during the cramped housing shortages after WWII era. To use the washer, you poured hot water and detergent into the tub and closed the top to mix. After the timer ended, you wrung your clothes through a wringer and replaced dirty water in the tub with fresh rinse water and restart the washer.
Naxon Utilities Corporation is better known as the first company to develop the slow cooker. In the 1950s, the company sold a slow cooker called the Bean Pot. After the company was purchased by a rival company, the Bean Pot was remarketed with tremendous success as the Crock Pot.
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