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For sale is a 1960s era BOY SCOUTS MESS KIT & CANVAS CARRY CASE. The mirror aluminum cookware includes a boiling pan & lid, a drinking cup, and two serving plates. The canvas carry case is marked with the BSA logo and reads “Boys Scouts of America – Be Prepared – National Council New York City”. The kit and carry case are in very good condition but the aluminum cookware is missing a metal bracket the fasten the top and bottom together. Carry case measures about 8 inches diameter. Buy this kit for your doomsday survival bunker.

The Boy Scouts of America grew out of the international Scouting movement founded by Robert Baden-Powell in 1908. Chicago publisher W.D. Boyce was impressed by the popularity of Baden-Powell’s U.K.-based organization, and in 1910 formally created the Boy Scouts of America. Based on its initial mission to teach boys “patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred values,” the Boy Scouts focused on these broad goals as learned through outdoor activities and hands-on life skills.

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