1923 Framed National Biscuit Company Advert – Uneeda Baker


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For sale is a framed vintage 1923 National Biscuit Company Advert. The full color ad features a shopkeeper helping a young woman purchase a biscuit. Great ad that demonstrates how cookies were sold through the 1920s and 1930s. Frame measures about 11 inches by 14 inches. A great advertising collectible.

The Uneeda Baker logo used in this 1923 advert was used by the company between 1914 and 1941.

In 1890, Chicago lawyer Adolphus W. Green helped to found the American Biscuit Co., a large food company that took control of 40 bakeries around the Midwest. American Biscuit set up its headquarters in Chicago, where it owned three large bakeries on the city’s West Side. In 1898, American Biscuit became part of the new National Biscuit Co., a 114-bakery cracker-making giant that also included the old operations of the New York Biscuit Co. National Biscuit dominated the American market for mass-produced cookies and crackers. During the first eight years of its existence, when annual sales were about $40 million, the company was based in Chicago; in 1906, the corporate headquarters was moved to New York. By 1910, National Biscuit employed nearly 1,300 men and women at its bakeries in Chicago, one of which was built especially to produce the company’s popular “Uneeda” brand.

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