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Vintage Photo Hermann Goering’s 1944 Mercedes Cabriolet – The Beast


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For is a vintage color photo of Hermann Goering’s 1944 Mercedes Cabriolet, nicknamed the Beast. This car was a one of kind hand built super-charged 400 horse-power engine, with bullet proof windows & wheels, and armor plated doors. The vehicle also had compartments in the door to store a sub-machine gun and luger pistols. The car was built for the astronomical cost of $2 million dollars. Back of the color photo is smaller black and white photos of the same car and a description of the car’s technical specifications. Photo measures 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches. A great collectible for anyone interested in WWII or automotive history.

The car was considered a trophy of allied victory after it was captured at Hitler’s villa at Berchtesgaden at the close of the war. Colonel Heintges, the commander of the 7th Infantry who captured the vehicle, used the car as his personal vehicle during the Allied Occupation of Germany. Towards the end of the occupation, the car was sold as surplus to a U.S Army staff sergeant who brought it to the United States. After a few years, he sold the car to Richard Taylor of North Carolina, who has kept it in his garage for decades.

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