Vintage Empty STRAIGHT RAZOR CASE – Variety of Brands


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I have an assortment of antique STRAIGHT RAZOR CASES without the razor. Condition of each case varies.  Price is for a single case.  I can try to accommodate a desired brand but it may be necessary to fill the order with another brand case.  At the time this listing was posted I had a case for the following straight razor cases available for individual sale.

Wade & Butcher, Sheffield, England
Peter J. Michels, Brooklyn, NY
W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co.
Andrew Lux, Brooklyn, NY
L. Herder & Son, Philadelphia, PA
Genuine Sayansay Razor
Wade & Butcher, Special Razor
The Champion Razor
Miller, Sloss & Scott, Stiletto, San Francisco, CA
Shields & Brother, Philadelphia, PA
H.C. Kuhlman Co, Clear Ring, Richmond, VA
Plengall Razor. Sheffield, England
C.F. Wolfertz & Co, Allentown, PA
E. Week & Son, Soxtoblade Razor, NY
H. Boker & Co, Germany
Best Silver Steel, Extra Hollow Ground, Germany
George Wostenholm & Son, True Pipe Razor, Sheffield, England
Thistle Brand
Union Cutlery Co
Fried, Wilh. Engels, Solingen, Germany
Richard Bannier Co, Norfolk, VA
Keen Kutter
Yankee Cutlery Co. Razor Magnetized
Gerhard Thiesner, Danzig

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in