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For sale are three different original 1950s era US Army PHOTOGRAPHS. One is a black and white photograph depicts an officer demonstrating his leadership skills to a group of motor pool ruffians. This band of brothers seem unbothered by safety and environmental concerns as they cope a smoke amongst a large assortment of highly flammable gasoline and petroleum cans. This photo is dated 17 March 1953. The back of the photo lists five names: Corporal Koker, Sergeant O’Connor, Captain Hains, Sergeant Goudey, and Private Bonnafon. There is actually seven persons in the photo and I suspect they left off the name of the African American soldier and the weird dude peeing by the tree. The other two black and white photos are not labelled but were developed on Kodak Velox Paper which was used in the 1950s and 1960s. One photo depicts a horse train hauling supplies. The other photos depicts a soldier two-fisted drinking. Take all three photos for $10.
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