LIFE OUR CENTURY IN PICTURES – Hardcover Coffee Table Book


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For sale is a hardcover coffee table book: LIFE OUR CENTURY IN PICTURES. A 1999 illustrated history of 20th Century America. This 423 page book has are more than 770 spellbinding images chosen from the 50,000 plus pictures from the Life Magazine archives. They show the significant events and people most responsible for shaping our world and culture during the last 100 years.

The book spans the century in nine epochs. Each is introduced with an essay by a notable historical commentator. In each is a special section, called Turning Point, that traces an event or trend from the beginning of the century forward. And each epoch closes with a Requiem, which recalls some memorable individuals who died during that time. The worlds of politics, science and technology, and the arts, as well as the lives we led at home and at work are all explored and brilliantly captured within these pages. It is a once-in-a-lifetime commemorative keepsake, distinguished from all its competitors in the depth and range of its compelling images.

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