Early 1900s LAACK RATHENOW 9x12cm Folding Plate PADIE CAMERA


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For sale is a rare early 1900s LAACK RATHENOW 9×12 cm Folding Plate PADIE Camera. This German camera has a Laack Rathenow Pololyt Anastigmat 135 mm Lens with F/6.3. Lens has serial number 127050. Vario shutter shows good response. Metal camera body covered in leather has double rails for lens focusing. Camera has excellent overall appearance showing only light wear to finish. Body covering is complete with original handle, and no damage to the bellows. Amazing how the camera is able to fold into its small camera body. An incredible antique camera.

Julius Laack was a German camera and lens maker. Laack was first and foremost an optical company making lenses for cameras, binocluars and microscopes. Laack produced a wide range of lenses for still photo and cine cameras as well as enlargers.

A folding camera, or folder, is a camera with bellows that can be folded so that the camera occupies less space when not in use. Many folding cameras allow variations of their bellows’ length as the means for focusing.

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Dimensions 11 × 11 × 6 in