Antique BARN HAY PULLEY – FE Myers & Brothers – Cast Iron & Wood


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For sale is an antique cast iron and wood MYERS O.K. KNOT PASSING PULLEY made by F.E. MYERS & BROTHERS Company, Ashland, Ohio. This original ornate model H-310 barn hay trolley measures about 10 inches long and 6 inches wide. The maple wood wheel turns freely and is in excellent condition. The cast iron casing is also in excellent condition but there is one edge that has some damaged edging. The cast iron has embossed lettering with “MYERS O.K. – H 310” on one side and “H 311” on the other. This collectible tool is perfect for your rustic d├ęcor or to move your hay bales.

The F.E. Myers and Brothers empire was built on foundation of quality, innovation, and community. Brothers Francis E. Myers and Philip A. Myers grew up on a farm just outside of Ashland within earshot of their neighbors, the Studebakers … yes, those Studebakers. That clan initially manufactured wagons, but left the area in the mid-1800s for South Bend, Ind., where they became automakers. The brothers were a complementary pair and worked well together. Francis E. Myers was a superior salesman, promoter and businessman. Philip, widely considered a mechanical genius, liked to design and invent. Eventually, two other Myers brothers (Alvah N. and G. Denton) joined the firm. In 1882, the Myers brothers exhibited their pumps at the Ohio State Fair, winning the highest award for the best pumps. Two years later, Philip won a patent for a hay carrier, which evolved into a lucrative line of Myers hay tools. In 1892 Myers produced 9,000 pulleys for its hay tool line. Ten years later, production of the same pulley topped the 260,000 mark. When F.E. Myers & Bro. incorporated in 1921, the company was valued at $6 million.

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Dimensions 12 × 11 × 6 in