1950s JACK BE NIMBLE MILK BOTTLE – Brokhoff’s Dairy


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For sale is a 1950s JACK BE NIMBLE MILK BOTTLE from the Brokhoff’s Dairy Products, J.H. Brokhoff Dairy Pottsville, Pa. Red & White ACL 8 ounce nursing bottle is in excellent condition. The bottom of the bottle is marked “Samuel Callet Co. – PGH PA”. This company made a series of baby bottles with different nursery rhyme themes. Bottle stands 6 3/8 inches tall. A first rate milk bottle collectible.
In 1947, Samuel Callet contracted the Knox Glass Company, Parker, Pa., to supply his Canonsburg, Pa., plant with the nursery rhyme nursing bottles. These were the small mouthed nursing bottles that took the black pull-on nipple that had been popular since the 1920s. He had six different designed bottles: the Circus Train, three Scotty Dogs, Da-Da Clown, Robbie Yum Yum, Goosey Gander, and Peter Rabbit. In the early 1950s, the company switched to a wide mouth screw neck baby bottle that were becoming more popular. The different nursery rhyme designs were first drawn by Samuel Callet on a napkin or scrap of paper. So far, collectors have identified 73 different designs. Samuel Callet sold his bottles individually or in a boxed set of three to five bottles. If you bought the five set bottle, the center bottle in the set was usually a bank bottle with a slotted metal cap. After the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Milk Control Commission created a regulation that prohibited a dairy from using use any promotional give-away item that cost more than 35 cents, the Callet business dwindled throughout the 1960s.
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