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For sale is an late 1950s CLOVERDALE SOFT DRINK BOTTLE from the Cloverdale Spring Company, Baltimore, Md. This clear 10 ounce bottle is in good condition. The bottle includes the green Cloverdale shamrock logo and the following slogan: “Stays Lively Longer”. Bottle stands 9 3/4 inches tall. A nice collectible soda bottle.

In 1865, the Cloverdale Spring Company came into being purely by accident when some prospectors were drilling for water found a very pure spring. The company’s name described the profusion of clover growing near the aquifer. Because of its great purity, Cloverdale water was shipped to workers on the Panama Canal to reduce the instances of typhoid fever. In 1919, a three mile underground pipe was constructed directly from the source of the water (the spring) to the Newville bottling plant. In 1961, the company was purchased by Allegheny Pepsi Cola Bottling Company. They continued with the Cloverdale line for a while but eventually phased them out.

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