1960s CRASS SODA BOTTLE – Coca Cola Bottling Co, Silver Springs, MD


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For sale is a 1960s CRASS SODA BOTTLE from the Coca Cola Bottling Company, Silver Springs, MD. This 6 1/2 oz size clear glass bottle is in great condition. The ACL design features the slogan “Delicious Beverages” and bubbles to emphasize the carbonated nature of the soft drink. Bottle stands 8 inches tall.

In 1899, James E. Crass saved money from his jobs and purchased a small Coca-Cola bottling plant in Charleston, South Carolina. After Crass’ business quickly outgrew the small plant, he moved to Richmond, Virginia to build a larger plant. Crass grew his Coca-Cola conglomeration into 42 franchises across multiple states. At the time of his death in 1930, Crass was one of the most successful owners in the Coca-Cola franchise network and even produced his own brand of soda.

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