1940s CLOROX BLEACH BOTTLE – Amber Glass – Original Cap


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For sale is a vintage Half Gallon CLOROX BLEACH BOTTLE made with amber brown glass. The jug includes an original screw on plastic cap. Jug is embossed with the word “CLOROX” in two places circling the neck. The bottom also includes a brand mark. Jug is in excellent condition but is in need of cleaning. This style bottle was made in the later part of the 1940s. Bottle stands about 11 inches tall. A notable vintage collectible.

On May 3, 1913, five California entrepreneurs invested $100 apiece to set up America’s first commercial-scale liquid bleach factory, which they located in Oakland, on the east side of San Francisco Bay. During its outfitting, an engineer for an equipment supplier, Abel M. Hamblet, suggested a name for the new product. From the words “chlorine” and “sodium hydroxide,” which in combination form the bleach’s active ingredient, he proposed the amalgam “Clorox.” He also sketched “a diamond-shaped design…with the word ‘Clorox’ in bold letters in the center and appropriate wording on the four sides.” Horse-drawn wagons began clopping between the bleach plant and Oakland laundries, breweries, walnut processing sheds and municipal water companies. These were the first customers for the original high-strength Clorox liquid bleach.

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