1949 MOVIE PHOTO – OUTPOST IN MOROCCO – Hollywood – Daybill


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For sale is an original glossy 1949 MOVIE DAYBILL for the movie “OUTPOST IN MOROCCO” starring George Raft. This small poster features French soldiers defending a fort from an Arab attackers. The top of the poster depicts a massive wave of Arab attackers on horseback; harem women, and a French Legionnaire engaged in hand to hand combat at the wall.

Glossy sheet measures 8 inches by 10 inches with a wide border. Interior picture is in excellent condition and would frame nicely. Border and edges has some minor condition issues. This may have been made for use by movie theaters to advertise a coming attraction in the lobby. Or it may be a studio publicity photo. A great Hollywood collectible.

“Outpost in Morocco” is a 1949 action adventure film starring George Raft and Marie Windsor. Paul Gerard (George Raft), a Moroccan Spahi officer and his French Foreign Legion garrison, holds off attacks from the native tribes of the Emir. As a rarity amongst American films of the Foreign Legion genre, the French Foreign Legion actually cooperated with the producers making this film. The company got permission to actually film in Morocco using the real Foreign Legion.

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