1940s GRAPETTE SODA Order Book – Missouri – Original


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For sale is a rare 1940’s era GRAPETTE SODA Receipt Book from the Grapette Bottling Company, Springfield, Missouri. This new old stock receipt book is in excellent condition but the staples are rusted. The receipt also has a a partial date field of “194_” which assumes a 1940s entry. This is a full unused book with 50 different order forms. Book measures 3 1/4 inches by 6 inches. Perfect item for any vintage soda collection.

In 1926, Benjamin Tyndle Fooks purchased a small soft drink bottling operation in Camden, NJ. Mr. Fooks took to selling “Fooks Flavors” out of his car. In 1932, two salesmen were hired, and sales jumped 7-fold. Since sales reports showed that grape flavors were the most popular, in 1938, he began experimenting with the production of the best grape flavor in the world. After a year or two of testing, the special taste that was to make Grapette distinctive was finally achieved. In 1939, Mr. Fooks traveled by rail to Chicago and purchased the copyrighted name of Grapette from the owner of the Sunset Liquor Company. In the spring of 1940, the drink was officially named Grapette and put on the market. It was an immediate success for several reasons. First, and most important was the unique grape taste of the drink. Also, the bottle used was an innovation. It was very lightweight, six ounces, and clear, which allowed the attractive purple liquid to show through the glass. Grapette was also sold in a 30 bottle case instead of the conventional 24 bottle case.

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