1952 4-H CLUB LEADERS HANDBOOK – University of Maryland


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For sale is a 1952 4-H CLUB LEADERS HANDBOOK from the University of Maryland Extension Service, College Park, Maryland. This 33-page booklet covers everything you need to know to operate a local 4-H club including the organization’s by-laws, how to conduct a business motion, how to elect officers, how to score a demonstration and all other aspects promoting the 4-H organization. Booklet has glossy pages and black and white photographs. Booklet is complete and in excellent condition. A great 4-H collectible.

In 1902, A. B. Graham started a youth program in Clark County, Ohio, which is considered the birth of 4‑H in the United States. The first club was called “The Tomato Club” or the “Corn Growing Club”. T.A. Erickson of Douglas County, Minnesota, started local agricultural after-school clubs and fairs that same year. In 1910, Jessie Field Shambaugh developed the clover pin with an H on each leaf. By 1912, the clubs were called 4‑H clubs. In 1914, the passage of the Smith-Lever Act created the USDA Cooperative Extension System which nationalized 4‑H. By 1924, 4‑H clover emblem was adopted.

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