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For sale is a 1930s era TWO GALLON BROOKINS OIL DISPENSER from the Balcrank Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio. This 2 Gallon push button spout oil filler has a flexible metal spout. Great embossed graphics on side of can reads: “2 Gal. Liqd – A Division of BALCRANK INC. Cincinnati Ohio USA – Federal Stock No – 41-N-942 – No-808-8-quart measure with flexible spout – valve control – crankcase filler”. This oil dispenser is stamped with patent number 1,861,409. This patent was filed in 1929. This oil dispenser is free of rust and is in great condition. Dispenser does not ahve any pin holes but has some small dents. This immense oiler stands about 14 inches tall and measures 8 inches diameter. A top notch petroliana collectible.

In 1906, Balcrank was founded in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio’s “Machine Tool Colony” as the Cincinnati Ball Crank Company. The first products produced by Balcrank were hand wheels and cranks used by the machine tool industry. The Cincinnati Ball Crank Company got its name from the production of ball-sockets and hand cranks and was commonly referred to as Ball Crank. In 1922, the company started making products in the lubrication field. In 1933, the Board of Directors voted to change the name Ball Crank to Balcrank, Inc.  ​

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