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For sale is an original 1924 ANDERSON SCHOOL of RUBBER TIRE-WELDING & VULCANIZING DIPLOMA from the Anderson Steam Vulcanizer Company, Detroit, Michigan. This diploma certifies that “H. E. Brandenburg of Detroit herewith merits this DIPLOMA having completed the Course of Instruction as taught in our Modern Schools of Rubber Tire-Welding and vulcanizing and has thoroughly demonstrated his ability as a Tireologist to turn out guaranteed work.” The diploma depicts a skilled “tireologist” at work. The diploma is dated April 19th, 1924. This document measures 14 inches by 10 inches. An incredible collectible artifact of automotive history.
In the 1920s, there were Anderson schools of vulcanizing in 34 different states. The school’s course lasted 5 to 10 days and cost $35.  Students learned how to use an Anderson Steam Vulcanizer to repair and retreading as a “tireologist”. Further, if a student purchased an Anderson Steam Vulcanizer, the school would refund the $35 tuition and repay the student $5 for each day of the course. According to the school, a tireologist can earn $10 to $30 each day repairing tires with the Anderson Steam Vulcanizer.
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