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For sale is a late 1930s MILITARY STYLE BOY SCOUT UNIFORM SHIRT, BREECHES & Identification Card with a button fly and BSA logo material on the inside of the waistband and pockets. Both the olive green shirt and breeches are in excellent condition. The pants has all the original buttons each button has “Boy Scouts of America” printed on the button. The waist band measures about 28 inches. The overall length of the pants is 33 inches long and the inseam is only 23 inches. The short has the BSA label tag and the shirt size states “13 Age – 12 1/2 NECK – 647 LOT B2”. The bottom button on the shirt appears to be a replacement. The shirt pocket has “STANDARD CAMPER REGION THREE 1941” patch. The other pocket has the BSA “Be Prepared” Pin and three service stars are above the pocket. The service star pins each have a screw back and on on green felt. Service stars are pins that display the Scout’s number of years in Scouting.

In the Uniform Pocket was the original owner’s Boy Scout Identification card. This uniform belonged to Paul D. Sullivan who was a member of Troop 4, Sunbury, Pennsylvania. His membership card was issued on July 7, 1941. The card includes the Scout Oath and the 12 Scout Laws. The ID card cover depicts a Norman Rockwell artwork. Under the artwork is the BSA slogan “Do A Good Turn Daily” and a 1939 copyright date. A rare and amazing BSA collectible!

During the 1930s, American Scouts still wore the olive green military style uniform with the Smokey bear style hats. Knickers were commonly worn in the US but some scouts wore the overseas style short pants with knee socks.

The Boy Scouts of America grew out of the international Scouting movement founded by Robert Baden-Powell in 1908. Chicago publisher W.D. Boyce was impressed by the popularity of Baden-Powell’s U.K.-based organization, and in 1910 formally created the Boy Scouts of America. Based on its initial mission to teach boys “patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred values,” the Boy Scouts focused on these broad goals as learned through outdoor activities and hands-on life skills.

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