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For sale is an antique LAMBRECHT BUTTER STONEWARE CROCK used by the Lambrecht Creamery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This blue and white butter crock has the following text “Use Lambrecht Butter – Famous for its Flavor – Milwaukee – Chicago” Crock is in one piece but has numerous cracks. This jar measures 3 1/4 inches tall and 4 1/4 inches diameter and the smallest size jar used by the company. This jar is believed to date to the 1920s. A striking advertising collectible.
In 1910, the Lambrecht Creamery began to operate out of a barn in Milwaukee. As business grew, the company moved to a building on 2930 W. Center St. Until 1922, the company used horse drawn Lambrecht wagons to deliver its products. In 1922, the company replaced the horse wagons with trucks. By the 1930s, Lambrecht’s joined Beatrice Foods and had 500 delivery routes in Milwaukee, Chicago, New York and New Jersey.  The creamery continued to provide dairy products until World War II rationing brought about its demise.
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