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For sale is a 1915 PNEUMATIC ENSILAGE & STRAW CUTTER CATALOGUE from the Bateman-Wilkinson Company, Limited, Toronto, Canada. This amazing trade catalogue breaks down the design and merits of pneumatic ensilage and straw cutter. The catalogues has two pages of customer testimonials such as the following from J.E. Culham who said “The Climax B Ensilage and Straw Cutter that I purchased from you last Fall, gave us the best satisfaction, and without any trouble. With an 8 horsepower gasolene engine, we filled silos as high as 24 feet without ever bunging the pipes and for cutting straw and hay, it is A No. 1.” The 10-page catalogue is filled with illustrations and is in excellent condition. When folded, the catalogues measures 9 inches by 4 inches. An amazing collectible for the farm machinery enthusiast.

George Wilkinson, inventor, was born on 10 May 1841 in Laprairie, Huntingdon, Canada. He invented the “Wilkinson Plough” and in 1869 he founded the Wilkinson Plough company in Aurora. His company was one of two plough manufacturers in the town. George Wilkinson was a blacksmith and an innovator who came up with award winning designs for strong ploughs that were adapted to challenging Canadian soil conditions. “It is safe to say,” stated the souvenir program of the 1895 Canadian National Exhibition, “that this firm has done more towards the perfection of the plough in Canada than any other, and it has also suffered more than any other institution by having its models and patterns used by other companies.” The company ceased operations in 1894. In 1911, the company sold its intellectual property interests in its farm machinery designs to an American firm which operated as Bateman-Wilkinson. The company went out of business in 1935. The manufacturing pamphlet was probably published before 1920.

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