WWII USMC 13th Defense Battalion PATCH


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For sale is a vintage WWII USMC 13th Defense Battalion PATCH or shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI). Unit patches identify the marine’s assigned headquarters. A distinctive USMC related collectible. 
Marine Defense Battalions were United States Marine Corps battalions charged with coastal and air defense of advanced naval bases during World War II. They maintained large anti-ship guns, anti-aircraft guns, searchlights, and small arms to repel landing forces. The 13th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion was an antiaircraft unit that served during World War II. Formed in 1942 as the 13th Defense Battalion, its original mission was to provide air and coastal defense for advanced naval bases. During the war the battalion defended Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and later Hawaii. The battalion was the first Defense/AAA Battalion to be decommissioned during the war officially folding its flag on September 7, 1944.


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