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For sale is a working 1956 SINGER SEWING MACHINE, FOOT PEDAL, and the ORIGINAL CARRY CASE from the Singer Manufacturing Company. The serial number for the machine is AM60261 which indicates a 1956 manufacture date. The machine motor runs well and the needle moves but machine needs to be oiled or greased. This machine features the infamous singer maker mark badge. The electrical cord is in great condition and is not frayed or broken. A great vintage machine from an iconic American company.

In 1879, the Singer Company started production of its oscillating shuttle, high arm Improved Family machine for domestic and light industrial sewing. In 1895, the Improved Family machine was mechanically altered and the appearance changed, and so the Singer 15 was born. It was to be the most successful sewing machine design ever. The original Singer 15’s, like all the other early domestic Singer machines came as the usual treadle or cabinet versions or as a hand crank model. Later models were either electric or hand crank machines. Singer made the 15-91 between 1930 and 1956. The 15-91’s most significant advancement was its built-in electric motor (known as a “potted motor”) with direct gear drive. With direct gear drive, the motor’s gears are linked directly to the sewing machine’s gears instead of using a belt. Direct gear drive is a significant improvement because it is stronger and more responsive than weaker slip-prone belt-driven machines. This allows the 15-91 to power through thick, tough materials such as denim, canvas, and leather.


Dimensions 22 × 12 × 10 in