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For sale is a vintage UNITED WAY DONATION LITHOGRAPHIC LAPEL PIN. This 1950s era charity pin features a red feather and a circle of stars. The pin has a folding metal tab and the pin measures about 3/4 inches diameter.

In 1919, the Welfare Federation conducted Community Fund charity drives. Samuel Mather raised $4 million from 148,234 different donors. The federation disbursed the monies to participating health and social service agencies. In 1931, using an inspiring slogan and thousands of volunteers, the Community Fund collected more than $5.65 million of donations. The campaign fared poorly during the Depression but rallied during World War II, when it was known as the War Chest. During the 1950s, the Community Chest’s Red Feather symbolized charitable giving. In 1957, with the addition of the AMERICAN RED CROSS, CLEVELAND CHAPTER, the name changed to the United Appeal and a red cross was added to the symbol.

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