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For sale is an unusual vintage MEDICINE FLASK with embossed lettering as follows: “The Name St Joseph’s Assures Purity”. This approximately two ounce medicine bottle stands about 5 1/2 inches tall. The bottle is exceptionally thin, even for a flask and would have been sealed with a cork. Bottle includes a vintage SALT PETRE PAPER LABEL, from the MILBOURN DRUG COMPANY, Eastern Rapids, Michigan is sealed to the bottle. Label is an original pharmacy label but is not original to this medicine bottle. Bottle and label are in excellent condition. A cool display item.

“Saltpetre” is a term used to refers to potassium or sodium nitrate. It was used to salt meats or as a food preservative to safeguard against botulism. The myth about Saltpetre spread by soldiers was that the government added it to the soldier’s food rations to decrease their sex drive. In fact, saltpetre (also known as saltpeter) has no effect on
carnal urges.

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