Victorian WILSON WOOD PARLOR STOVE -1893 Patent Date



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For sale is a restored Victorian era WILSON IMPROVED HEATER or WOOD PARLOR STOVE made by the Wilson Stove Company, Valley Park, Missouri. This antique space heater is made from a combination of a sheet iron tub with cast iron parts. The cast iron top lid is top with a porcelain knob and an ornate finial. Each of the cast iron feet is embossed with the company’s “W” logo. The stove has eye catching design elements that have been highlighted with gold leaf. The stove is marked with a Nov 14 1893 patent date. The bottom metal sheet of the stove has several rusted holes. Sheet wood has been fitted to the interior of the stove so that the stove can be used as storage space. A mahogany craft has also been custom made to cap off the stove’s smoke stack. This antique stove is no longer useable as a heater but it’s a first rate collectible stove and display item.

Perfect size to accent a fire place. The stove stands 27 inches tall, 22 inches long, and 13 inches deep. The top lid measures about 7 inches diameter. The stove is rust free and clean throughout. The stove is easily transportable by one person in any vehicle. The feet and lid are removable.

In 1916, the Wilson Stove Company, Valley Park, Mo agreed to move their company to Metropolis, Illinois because the city agreed to give the company 14 acres of free land and erect a factory building. In 1916, the relocated company became the Wilson & Manufacturing Company. 

Dimensions 30 × 24 × 20 in