Victorian 1901 B.T. Babbitt’s Soap Trade Card – Sail Boat


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For sale is an original Victorian era B.T. BABBITT’S 1776 SOAP POWDER Trade Card depicting a children playing in a sailboat. One child is chasing a renegade dog making off with a bar of Babbitt’s soap. Card measures about 4 inches by 5 1/4 inches. One of the larger size Victorian trade cards. Card is in good condition with creased corners. This card probably dates to 1901 because the back refers to 50 years making quality soap and Babbitt’s soap started in 1851. A great collectible from an iconic American company.

Benjamin Talbot Babbitt (born May 1, 1809) was a self-made American businessman and inventor who amassed a fortune in the soap industry, manufacturing Babbitt’s Best Soap. In 1851, he became the first to manufacture and market soap in individual bars. Babbitt was known as a genius of advertising. He rivaled his friend P. T. Barnum in originality and success, becoming a household name throughout the U.S. His soap was one of the first nationally advertised products. The soap was sold from brightly painted street cars with musicians, which helped lead the phrase “get on the bandwagon.” Babbitt was the first manufacturer to offer tours of his factories and one of the first to give away free samples. He used the advertising slogans, “Soap for all nations” and “Cleanliness is the scale of civilization”.

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