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For sale is a rare BAMBY BREAD STORE DISPLAY CARD from Bamby Bakers, Salisbury, North Carolina. This cardboard point of sale display or trade card would have been displayed at the general store. The back of the card has the following text “OUR BAMBY CLERK WILL TAKE YOUR ORDER FOR BAMBY BREAD – PURE CREAMERY BUTTER THE ONLY SHORTENING USED”. The sign measures approximately 8 7/8″ tall and about 3 inches wide. The base of the card was designed to fold so the card could stand. This card probably dates to the 1930s. Is it just me or does the Bamby Bread Clerk have serial killer vibe? A top notch vintage advertising collectible.

In 1905, A.G. Peeler opened Bamby Bakers in Salisbury, North Carolina. Bamby Bread was made with pure creamery butter and during the 1920s. a pound loaf of bread sold for 10 cents. Bambi Bread bread delivery service was available throughout Minneapolis. At first, drivers used horses to pull bread delivery wagons. By 1940, the Bakery upgraded from horses to delivery trucks. Later, Bamby Bread was rebranded as Bunny Bread.

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