Original 1871 NATIONAL BANK of GERMANTOWN CHECK – Philadelphia, PA


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For sale is an original handwritten 1871 NATIONAL BANK of GERMANTOWN CHECK from Philadelphia, PA. The check is made out in the sum of $390.00 and is dated July 1, 1871. The check includes a two Cent Internal Revenue Tax Stamp watermark printed as part of the check design. A interesting ephemera collectible.

In 1814, Charles J. Wister founded the Bank of Germantown. In 1864, after Charles Wister’s son, William Wynne Wister, was elected president, the bank was renamed as the National Bank of Germantown. The bank was located on Main Street near Market Square, Germantown, Philadelphia. As the only national bank in Germantown, it held a distinctive place within this historically interesting residential and manufacturing district.

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