Framed 1932 Fisk Rubber Company Stock Certificate & 1917 Fisk Advert


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Authentic depression era FISK RUBBER COMPANY Stock Certificate with an original 1917 Fisk Magazine Advertisement featuring a WWI dough boy. Wood frame is brand new and measures 23 inches by 29 inches.

The stock certificate measures 12 by 8 inches. 100 share common stock certificate, number 77822, dated November 7, 1932 in favor of Frank B. Cahn, Hand signed by two corporate officers. Fisk trade mark bottom center. Certificate includes an excellent vignette featuring a worker tapping a rubber tree.

The 1917 advert measures 9 by 12 inches and includes the slogan “Fisk Club Boys are Doing their part”. The gist of the ad is that boys should ride bikes with fisk tires so they will grow strong legs to join the Army and help America win WWI.

Fisk is an iconic American company. Noyes W. Fisk purchased a company in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1898. The firm he bought had produced bicycle tires and other rubber items. He continued the business under his own name, and branched out with-his first automobile tire in 1899. By 1916 the Fisk plant at Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts was making some 5,000 tires a day. The tire business, along with numerous other enterprises, fell upon hard times during the depression. The company was acquired by Uniroyal in 1940.


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