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For sale is a collection of Five Different CIVIL WAR THEMED PRINTED ILLUSTRATIONS. Three of the printed engravings are mounted on foam board. The other two illustrations appear to be pages moved from a book. Each of the illustrations measures about 10 inches by 6 1/5 inches. The illustrations vary in condition but all are lightly stained and faded.  Take all five printed engravings for a total of $5.

The title of the illustrations are as follows:
– Going to the Front – Regiments Passing the Astor House, New York
– A Man-of-War in Action During the Civil War
– Shelling of Fort Sumpter – Flag of South Carolina – by C. Parsons
– Battle of Wilson’s Creek – Fall of General Lyon – Engraved by George E. Perine, NY
– Storming of Fort Donelson – by W. Momberger

The storming of Fort Donelson depicts Union soldiers overrunning Confederate troops at Fort Donelson, Tennessee. In the center a Union officer is depicted riding into battle brandishing a sword in his right hand, urging his troops forward. A fallen rebel soldier fires toward the Officer while himself being aimed at by a Union soldier at the left corner of the image. An American flag is held aloft at the front of the charge.

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