Early 1960s SQUIRT SWIRL SODA BOTTLE – Green Glass


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For sale is an early 1960s era SQUIRT SWIRL SODA BOTTLE. This green glass ACL 12 ounce bottle is in very good condition. The bottle includes the iconic boy logo and the following text: “Bottle under the Authority of Squirt Co. – Never an After Thirst – Contents 12 Fl Oz”. A great collectible soda bottle.

Squirt is a carbonated grapefruit drink created by Herb Bishop in 1938. Bishop’s intention was to make a soft drink that required less fruit and sugar than other sodas, due to the Great Depression. He thought it tasted like a slice of grapefruit exploding in the mouth, so he called it “Squirt”. In 1941, Bishop and his partner, Ed Mehren, created a character called “Little Squirt” to use in the marketing of their soft drink. The soft drink did well through WWII, because of its reduced sugar content, and in the 1950s, Squirt became a popular drink mixer.

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