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For sale is a REPURSPOSED 1920s WESTERN ELECTRIC SUNBOWL SPACE HEATER LAMP. This one-of-a-kind metal art deco style lamp was made by converting an electric space heater. The major components of this item are original to the 1920 space heater but the cord and light socket are modern. The space heater has a wire cage and a wood carry handle. The electric cord has a dial switch to turn the lamp on or off. The sunbowl tilts and rotates to aim and angle the light. The ornamental lamp stands about 19 inches tall and 13 inches deep (from top of cage to back). The sunbowl itself measures about 15 inches diameter. This distinctive industrial themed lamp that looks great from all angles.

In 1856, George Shawk, a craftsman and telegraph maker, purchased an electrical engineering business in Cleveland, Ohio. On December 31, 1869, he entered a partnership with Enos M. Barton, and later sold his share to inventor Elisha Gray. In 1872, Barton and Gray moved the business to Clinton Street, Chicago, Illinois, and incorporated it as the Western Electric Manufacturing Company. They manufactured a variety of electrical products including typewriters, alarms, and lighting and had a close relationship with telegraph company Western Union, to whom they supplied relays and other equipment.

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 15 in