2005 Summer’s Guide to COCA-COLA Collectibles – Hardcover


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For sale is a hardcover Summer’s Guide to COCA-COLA Collectibles. This fifth edition, 2005 publication is loaded with pictures and is an encyclopedia of the vast array of coke collectibles. While values of coca cola collectibles varies significantly over the last decade, this book still provides a ball park reference point for the relative values of different items. Book is complete and in excellent condition with no tears or stains.

This 304 page book includes articles about Coca-Cola and more than 1,600 fantastic color photos and snippets of information interspersed throughout the book, giving Coke collectors not only values, but also facts relating to their favorite Coke collectible. This large, hardcover book is designed to help the advanced collector as well as those just bitten by the collecting bug. A clear, easy-to-follow table of contents is designed to make research fast and simple. Probably no one, including Coke inventor Dr. John Pemberton or Atlanta businessman and visionary Asa Griggs Chandler, could have imagined the far reaching effects of this magic elixir. Coke is now loved and recognized all over the world.

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