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For sale is a 1970s era ESIKMO PIE SPECIAL ADVERT. This point of sale cardboard ad would have been used to advertise the sale of a 6-pack of Eskimo Pie ice cream bars in the Richmond, VA area. Ad measures 8 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. An entry level advertising collectible for a great American treat.
In 1920, Danish immigrant Christian Kent Nelson, a schoolteacher and candy store owner, was inspired to create the Eskimo Pie in Onawa, Iowa after a boy in his store was unable to decide whether to spend his money on ice cream or a chocolate bar. After experimenting with different ways to adhere melted chocolate to bricks of ice cream, Nelson began selling his invention, under the name “I-Scream Bars”. In 1921, he filed for a patent, and secured an agreement with local chocolate producer Russell C. Stover to mass-produce them under the new trademarked name “Eskimo Pie” (a name suggested by Mrs. Stover), and to
create the Eskimo Pie Corporation.
Use of the term “Eskimo” may be considered to be offensive to some people, particularly in Canada and Greenland. In New Zealand, an Inuk (Eskimo) tourist from Canada complained in 2009 that the use of Eskimo was racially insulting. On the other hand, many Native Alaskans still refer to themselves as Eskimos.



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