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For sale is a 1960s era GEORGE WASHINGTON FIRST DAY COVER STAMPS. Envelope is in good condition but has minor condition issues as seen in the photos. Envelope has a typed mailing address.

Envelope is stamped with a PRESIDENT GEORGE WASHINGTON 5 cent US STAMP which was stamped on STAMPED on FEB 22,1966 in Washington, DC. This stamp was part of the prominent Americans series.

A first day cover (FDC) is a stamped envelope, postal card or other postal material that was processed at the post office or off-site, receiving a cancellation that states “First Day of Issue” or something similar. Depending on the postal authority there may be a ceremony to commemorate the first day of issue. While it was once true that all FDCs were cancelled on the actual day of issue of the stamp, this has not been the case for many years because large quantities of FDCs are routinely now canceled by the post office in bulk, often weeks or more after the first day of issue.

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