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For sale is a fantastic vintage August 1959 back issue for a men’s magazine called “POLICE FILES” by Brookside Publications, NY, NY. This 1959 magazine, Volume 5, No. 5, featured pulp true crime articles that “pushed the envelope” for the era. This magazine originally sold for 25 cents. The magazine features historical vintage adds such as How to Hypnotize; Learn Super Ju Jitsu; Develop a Strong He-Man Voice, Become an Accident Investigator; Cupid’s Destiny – World’s Largest Lonely hearts Magazine. The magazine is complete with all 74 pages. The spine is intact. Police Files magazine began in 1953 and its content included true-crime stories with lurid titles and numerous photographs and illustrations. A fascinating glimpse into the type of magazine that your grandpa thumbed through while waiting to get a shave at the barbershop.
The CRIME articles include: “Nude with the Tattooed Legs”; “Sex-Fiend in the Shadows”; “Killer’s Ambush”; “Last Plane for Death”; Dead Girls Tell No Tales”; “Find the Pony-Tail Blonde”; $1 Million Try”; “Blood Trail for Kathryn”; “Two Girls – One Lover – One Murder”; “Cheating Lovers”; and “36 Desperate Hours”.
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