1956 PEOPLE TODAY POCKET MAGAZINE – Teenage Love: Is it Dangerous?


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For sale is an original 1956 PEOPLE TODAY POCKET MAGAZINE from August, 1956 with a feature article: “TEENAGE LOVE: IS IT DANGEROUS?” and an article on how to hunt for pirate treasure. A pictorial of new Hollywood starlet Judy Foster. This issue is complete with minor wear. A vintage pocket-sized magazine measuring 6″ by 4″. People Today featured models, celebrities, the elite, news you can use and people in the know. Subjects of the magazine included women, money, celebrities, and gossip. A nice collectible that provides interesting insight into 1950s America.
People Today was an adult magazine founded in 1950. The magazine was a bi-weekly pocket digest first published by Weekly Publications Inc, Dayton, Ohio. In 1951, the magazine was purchased by Hillman Periodicals who kept the periodical going through to the 1970s. The magazine size was designed to fit perfectly in the breast pocket of a gentleman’s suit coat or in a woman’s pocket book. One of the unique characteristics of People Today was the attractive photos of beautiful, sexy women often scantily clothed on the front and back covers. Because of this, People Today was categorized as a risque or cheesecake periodical.
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