1950s MT KONOCTI BRAND PEAR CRATE – End Table – Display Case


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For sale is an amazing 1950s era MOUNT KONOCTI BRAND PEAR CRATE from the
Blue Goose Growers Corporation, Lodi, CA. The crate’s original color paper label features a Native American praying towards Mount Konocti.  The pear orchard would have been located in Kelseyville, Lake County, California. This refinished crate would have been used to ship 46 pounds of pears. There is text on the two long sides of the crate that read: “Mountain Lake County Bartletts”. This restored crate is in excellent condition with wear consistent with its age. A thick oak wood shelf has been added to the crate. This advertising crate measures about 19 1/2 inches tall, 12 1/2 inches wide and 9 1/4 inches deep. A suitable size to place on top of a sideboard to display collectibles, or to store DVDs or books. The crate is also large enough to place on the floor as a small end table.
Mount Konocti is a volcano in Lake County, California on the south shore of Clear Lake. At 4,305 feet, it is the second highest peak in the Clear Lake Volcanic Field, which consists of numerous volcanic domes and cones ranging from 10,000 to 2.1 million years old. Konocti is riddled with natural caves. Although most of the natural caves collapsed or were filled in for safety in the early 20th century, persistent local belief holds that Konocti’s central magma chamber is a vast, empty vertical cavern, partly filled with Clear Lake water and connecting with the lake via an underground seep. This cavern might be the largest on Earth, though its existence is difficult to prove due to the unstable and eroding structure of the volcano’s cone. Legend has it that around the year 1818, after a long drought, the level of Clear Lake dropped so low that a previously unknown cave on the eastern flank of Konocti was exposed. A group of men entered the cave, and discovered a vast underground lake, containing “blind fish”. Repeated attempts by divers to locate this cave have been unsuccessful.
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