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For sale is a 1950s COCA COLA SODA WATER BOTTLE which was manufactured in Hagerstown, MD. The neck of the bottle features six embossed stars for this 6 ounce size soda bottle. The base of the bottle is marked “property of coca cola bottling co.” and is also marked with a patent number that was filed in 1925. The patent filed by Mr. Frank Bireley was for a new ornamental bottle design. Bottle is an unusual design with five rectangle panels with rounded ovals above and below in panel. The bottom of the bottle is marked “HAGERSTOWN MD – 0754 – 5 – 3 “I within an Oval” 54″. The number “54” probably indicates a 1954 manufacture date. This clear glass bottle is in excellent condition. Bottle stands 7 7/8 inches tall. A nice collectible Baltimore soda bottle.

The I within an ā€œOā€ or oval trademark indicates that was bottle was made by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company. This style trademark used 1954 up to fairly recently, being gradually replaced with the ā€œO-Iā€ mark.

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