1950s Charlie Weaver “Cliff Arquette’s Museum” – PAPER DRINK COASTER


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For sale is a 1950s Charlie Weaver “Cliff Arquette’s Museum” PAPER DRINK COASTER from Gettysburg, PA. The coaster features the Charlie Weaver character with “These Are My People” slogan. Coaster measures 3 1/4 inches and is in like new condition. An uncommon Hollywood actor collectible.
Clifford Charles Arquette was an American actor and comedian, famous for his persona, played on numerous television shows, of Charley Weaver.  The Weaver character was the wild old man from Mount Idy. This characterization proved so popular that Arquette almost never again appeared in public as himself, but nearly always as Charley Weaver, complete with his squashed hat, little round glasses, rumpled shirt, broad tie, baggy pants, and suspenders. A Civil War buff, in the 1950s he opened the Charley Weaver Museum of the Civil War in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The museum was housed in a building that had served as headquarters for General Howard during the Battle of Gettysburg, and remained in operation for about ten years.
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