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For sale is an original 1943 “JOHNNY ZERO” SHEET MUSIC that features a WWII Army Air Corps fighter pilot engaged in a dog fight over the Pacific. Measures approx. 12″ by 9 1/4″. Perfect for framing. This sheet is in great condition with minor edge wear. A great WWII era collectible.

John D. Foley (March 1, 1918 — December 21, 1999), served in the United States Army Air Forces as a gunner during World War II. He was the inspiration of the popular 1943 song “Johnny Got a Zero”. The song “Johnny Got a Zero” was released as sheet music in 1943, lyrics by Mack David and music by Vee Lawnhurst, and topped out at #4 on the Variety list. An a cappella rendition by the Song Spinners, “Johnny Zero”, peaked on Billboard magazine’s charts at #7. In the song, Johnny does poorly in school, with the other children mocking him with “Johnny got a zero” every time he fails a test. However, when he grows up and becomes a fighter pilot, the words take on an entirely different meaning.

Foley flew on 31 more missions in the Pacific War, sharing credit for at least six confirmed victories and surviving three crashes (in the second, he was the sole survivor). The music sheet cover art has the pilot flying a plane marked with 7 kills.

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