10 Different 1940s KELLOGG’S MILITARY PEP CEREAL PINBACKS – Promotional Item


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For sale is an original collection 1940s KELLOGG’S MILITARY PEP CEREAL PINBACKS an advertising cereal promotion item. During WWII the Kellogg’s company, as part of the home front war effort and patriotic moral booster, decided to insert a “prize” in the form of pinback buttons into each box of Pep cereal. One series of Pep’s promotional giveaway pins featured Squadron Emblems from the World War II Bombers and Patrol Planes. The military series featured 36 different units.  The condition of each pin varies. Most most are in very good condition.  Sale includes 10 different pins for the following military unit’s:
424th Bombardment Squadron
385th Bombardment Squadron
96th Bombardment Squadron (Pin – The Devil’s Own – Features the Devil holding a Bomb)
48th Bombardment Squadron
34th Bombardment Squadron (badly worn)
Marine Bombing Squad 433
Marine Fighter Squadron 224
Navy Stagron 14
Navy Patrol Squadron 23
Navy Cruiser Scouting Squadron 2
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