1930s PFALTZGRAFF ANNIVERSARY CROCK – Pfaltzgraff Pottery Co, York PA



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For sale is a vintage 1930s PFALTZGRAFF ANNIVERSARY CROCK made by the Pfaltzgraff Pottery Company, York, PA. This original stoneware jar has blue cobalt printing on the side featuring a portrait of George Washington with the text: “200th Anniversary – 1732 – 1932” with the Pfaltzgraff company logo. The jar for sale was made by the Pfaltzgraff Company in 1932 to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of George Washington’s birth (Feb 22, 1732). The jar is in very good condition with minor wear on the base consistent with the jar’s age. The crock has a nice beige color with a brown interior. The jar is roughly 9 1/4 inches tall and 9 1/2 inches diameter. This 2-gallon capacity jar is glazed inside and out. The number stenciled inside the PA symbol as the Keystone State indicates this is a two gallon size crock. A great collectible stoneware jar.

In 1811, George Falsgraff, a potter and farmer by trade, opened the his first pottery factory. Falsgraff’s farm was located on 21 acres of land in York County, Pennsylvania. In 1833, Johann George Pfaltzgraff moved from Germany to Pennsylvania and he partnered with Falsgraff to opened a pottery factory in Freystown, Pennsylvania. In 1839, the factory began producing tablewares, jugs, pitchers, and ports.

Most stoneware in the U.S. was imported from Europe until the end of the American Revolution. American potters started making their own stoneware crocks. New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania were the first states to start making stoneware. The cylinder shape of crocks wasn’t mainstream until about 1860.

Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in