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For sale is a 1920s WRIGHT & DITSON EXPERT TENNIS RACKET made by Wright & Ditson Manufacturers, Boston, MA. This wooden racket features the iconic Wright & Ditson logo of a tennis player standing on top of a ball. The racquet is in overall great condition with intact strings and no warping. The end of the wood handle does have a split (the split is shown in one of the photo). The leather end cap at the bottom of the handle is present and includes Wright & Ditson maker’s mark. The handle is also marked “Wright & Ditson Makers – Made in the U.S.A.” and “Medium J 13”. The racquet measures 27 inches long and 8 3/4 inches at its widest. A great vintage tennis collectible.

In 1871, the Wright & Ditson Company was founded by George Wright and Henry A. Ditson each owned sporting good companies. In 1891, the company was purchased by Spalding who decided to continue making Wright & Ditson tennis racquets and balls into the 1940s. In the 1930s, the company name changed to “A.J. Reach, Wright & Ditson”. Both Reach and Wright played for Boston’s National League team during the 1877 season.

In 1874, Major Walter C. Wingfield made the very first tennis racket was made in London. In 1947, advances in laminating technology resulted in the first tennis racket made of laminated wood. In 1968, a steel tennis racquet was brought to market with aluminum racquets being introduced in the 1970s.

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