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For sale is an original 1918 WOOD ADVERTISING RULER from The DAILY NEWS & LEADER, London, UK. This large ruler is seeking businesses to purchase advertising space in The Daily News. The paper had a daily circulation of 500,000. The ruler lists ad rates for the paper. For example, a quarter page ad cost 70 pounds. The width of the ruler was intentionally designed to be the same width and length of a single column in the newspaper. So a business could use the ruler to plan how to use purchased advertising space. Ruler measures 22 inches long by 2 1/4 inches. A first rate literary and advertising collectible from the paper founded by Charles Dickens.

In 1846, Charles Dickens founded The News and served as the newspaper’s first editor. In 1901, Quaker chocolate manufacturer George Cadbury bought the Daily News and used the paper to campaign for old age pensions and against sweatshop labor. As a pacifist, Cadbury opposed the Boer War – and the Daily News followed his line. In 1912, the News merged with the Morning Leader, and was for a time known as the Daily News and Leader.

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